Hi, we're Tridea.

We're a 3D printing company specialized in the creation of filament made from recycled plastic.
Besides our filament we offer printers and leasing services. If you want some more info send us an e-mail to info@tridea.be

We believe in the concept that there is no such thing as waste. We took this belief and created a product around this concept. We have created the first European, 100% recycled PET filament created out of Belgian waste.

What makes our product so unique is that we work with the highest level of recycled plastic. Because of this we are able to create one of the most unique filament on the market.

Recycled plastic bottles

3D printer filament

3D printed objects

  Filament 1.75mm
  Filament 2.85mm

Our mission


• We believe that we can raise awareness regarding the recycling of plastic and the use of new 3D technologies to convince more end users to not only recycle more, but to re-use their waste in an environmentally friendly way.
• We want to use the sales of recycled filament to subsidize the purchase of 3D printers, thus increasing the amount of active printers on the market. This will enable more people to repair/remake useful objects out of recycled waste.

We want to raise awareness about the value of PET plastic by allowing our customers to reuse their waste through 3D printing. This will be done by transforming their plastic waste into useful objects created by 3D printers we provide them with.
And to promote the different innovative ways recycled plastic waste can be utilized and transformed into useful objects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tridea?
Tridea is an enterprise active in the 3D printing domain; it has developed a new process of creating filament made out of recycled plastics.

What is 3D printing?
3D printing is the process of printing an object, one layer at the time.

What is filament?
Filament is the basic component of 3D printing, you can compare it with the ink in a regular printer. Filament is used to print objects with 3D printers.

What is your filament made of?
Our filament is made out of 100% recycled PET.

Can I lease a 3D printer if I live outside of Belgium?
Not yet, for now our leasing program is limited to Belgium. However, we are selling our printers internationally.

Why should I use PET instead of PLA and ABS as filament?
The biggest reasons to use PET plastic to print are the strength of the plastic and how easy it is to print with. PET combines the strengths of both PLA and ABS with none of the drawbacks.

Where do you source your plastic from?
Our plastic is being sourced from different enterprises and organizations in Belgium. This way we can guarantee the high quality of plastic that is being transformed into filament.

How can we contact you?
Either send a mail to info@tridea.be or contact us through Facebook.

When will your webshop be up and running?
Our webshop will be operational in the next few days. So keep an eye on it.

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Business Park St Denis, Rue St Denis 164
1900 Brussels, Belgium

+32 479 56 36 66