From beer to exlusive Pukkelpop furniture

The Pukkelpop waste cups are collected, processed and transformed with a 3D printer into Pukkelpop furniture.

In cooperation with Tridea, Pukkelpop develops a project to recycle recycled cups into plastic that allows you to print 3D. Behind the Main Stage, a dirt bag is now hand-sorted by handful of volunteers to be compressed into a reusable substance. With this they will print on 3D and exclusive Pukkelpop furniture will be made available in the next edition. To put it in the words of Tridea: ‘There is no such thing as waste!’

Green ID

That Pukkelpop is committed to sustainability is clear. On day one of the festival, Roos Van Acker, as Ambassador to Goodplanet, came along to help recycle the Pukkelpoppers. 300 volunteers from the ecoteam are on their way to keeping the festival clean and recyclers themselves collecting cups, collecting credits on their Green ID card. This allows you to buy drinks and eateries.

Banner becomes hammock

Also behind the scenes, Pukkelpop tries to build a green image further. For example, no posters or flyers are printed and bicycle bags and hammocks are made from the old Pukkelpopbanners. The artist units are decorated with material from the Kringwinkel and the campsites work together with the Food Bank.

Baraque Futur

One place at the festival is dedicated to experiment and sustainability: Baraque Futur. Here you can discuss, experiment and talk to Ish Ait Hamou, Kamal Kharmach, Gili, Frank De Winne … Whoever likes something more airy can also shake on the energy-generating dance floor.

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