What Tridea has been up to the last few months

//What Tridea has been up to the last few months

What Tridea has been up to the last few months


As proud as we are about the success of Tridea, we would like to share with you some accomplishments from the last couple of months.

First of all we are extremely proud, our 100% recycled PET filaments have been used to create the world’s first 3D printed Yacht from plastic.[1] The Yacht was a project started by Searious Business, Wijk Yacht Creation BV and BeteoR BV[2] to raise awareness of the plight of the ocean.  To show the world how plastic could actually be used instead of being wasted in the ocean.

For more information about the 3D printed yacht: https://tridea.co/2017/10/12/the-worlds-first-3d-printed-yacht-from-plastic-waste/


Entering the fashion world

Besides the Yacht, also fashion got into recycling and 3D printing. “W.R Yuma wants Eco-Friendly Fashion, Offers Sunglasses Made of Recycled Materials.”[3] As a lot of people know, plastic has become a big problem to the environment. However, plenty of companies are using it in a linear economy “ take, make, dispose” model of production.[4] One of the solutions to this model is the circular economy. Which means that companies keep producing but reduce their waste by recycling, and putting broken and damaged goods back into use.

This is where W.R. Yuma wants to make a change. He wants to produces the world’s first 3D printed sunglasses to make them Eco-friendly. He wants to make sure that the broken sunglasses or damaged ones can be put back to use afterwards. To realize those sunglasses, W.R. Yuma needed some filaments to print them of course. This is where Tridea interfered. As Tridea makes filaments out of 100% recycled PET waste, a circular model was already started. So in association with W.R. Yuma, Tridea provided their recycled filaments to produce Eco-Friendly Fashion sunglasses.

For more information about the 3D printed Fashion sunglasses: http://techacute.com/wr-yuma-recycled-sunglasses/



Manufacturing 3D printers out of waste

Further we have B-Velta. B-Velta is a company that builds 3D printers. Some of its components are made out of Tridea’s filament. As you can see on the picture the red parts, are the parts printed out of Tridea’s 100% recycled PET filament.

For more information about the 3D printed parts of B-Velta : https://fr.ulule.com/b-velta/



3D Printing as art 

Last but not least the car company BMW was also one of the projects. Tridea did an exhibition at BMW in Avenue Louise to show people what could  be done with 3D printing and recycling. Some 3D printed objects were made to explain and show people what Tridea can do. How 3D printing and recycling could improve the different demographics.

As you can see Tridea is working with different companies to give them a 360° label of recycling. We are working hard to reduce waste and make 3D printing accessible to everyone. Since our first projects we have faced several challenges and we overcame those challenges. It was not always perfect or easy, but no one is perfect. 

Tridea has grown a lot and participated in some awesome projects, but this is not the end. We have even more amazing projects down the line. 




[1] https://tridea.co/2017/10/12/the-worlds-first-3d-printed-yacht-from-plastic-waste/

[2] https://tridea.co/2017/10/12/the-worlds-first-3d-printed-yacht-from-plastic-waste/

[3] http://techacute.com/wr-yuma-recycled-sunglasses/

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