How to print with the One Filament on an Ultimaker?

//How to print with the One Filament on an Ultimaker?

How to print with the One Filament on an Ultimaker?

We all know how to use a normal printer, but what about a 3D printers? No idea how to use it ? Well then, keep reading and learn step by step how to work with a 3D printer.

We have different kind of printers and filaments. At Tridea we work with 3 different printers. The Ultimaker2+ , the Ultimaker3 and the Felix. The Ultimakers all work similarly and so we will explain you step by step how to use them.

Step 1: Plug in the printer and plug it in the socket. 

Step2: Turn on the printer by flipping the button in the lower right corner.

Step3: Check what filament size and color you have to place in the printer.

What concerns the colors, these are all personal choices. You choose which color you want to introduce to produce your objects. Here at Tridea we offer seven different colors made out of 100% recycled PET waste.

And what concerns the size is really important. Not every printer can print with every size, this is why you have to be carefully and check the size that fits the printer before you enter a random filament. There are two different sizes, 1.75mm and 2.85 mm. There is no specific note on the printer that explains you which size you should use so in any doubt, check on the internet. 

Step 4: How to place the filament.

First of all you have to press “change material” that will appear on the little screen of the printer.

Then to place the filament in the printer you have to go to the back of the printer.


There you will see a square with a button on the right. There is where you insert the filament.

On the bottom of the square you will see a little hole/entrance for the filament, but it will be hard to push the filament through if you don’t press the button (on the right) up. Once the filament is in, push it through for like ¼ of the whole distance.

Next you select the material, the material that works best with the One Filament is CPE or CPE+. When this is done press “OK” and the filament will flow continuously way.

You will have some filament flowing out, that is totally normal. This is in case there was another color introduced before, you have to wait until the material extruded is completely of the new color. ( Not of use if it is the first time you use the printer) If it is good, press “OK”.

Step5: Choose the object you want to print.

To print something, you need a model. You can make it by a designer or use a website such as where you can download (already made) models. When you have chosen that, you have to slice it and set the settings to the way you want them. Slicing the 3D model can be done on a software such as Cura. (an introduction to slicing will follow soon)

Step 6: download the model on the SD card.

When the slicing and settings are set, download the object on the SD card.

Step 7: Place the SD card in the printer (in the front left corner below).

Step 8: Spray the glass plate with adhesion spray.

Step 9: Shuffle the glass back in the middle of the printer and close the brackets to hold it.

Step 10: Look at the little screen of the printer and press print.

Step 11: Search your model by rotating the button on the right of the screen.

Step 13: Select tune.

Step 14: Go to build plate temperature and set it on 75 degrees by rotating the button on the right.

Step 15: Scroll down to Retraction and select.

Step 16: Select length and scroll the button on your right until you get over 9.00 mm,

when done press ok. And then go to “RETURN”.

Step 17: Select speed, and rotate the button on the right until 45, which normally is the maximum

speed. When done, press “Return” and it will print form its own.

Step 18: When the print is done, take out the glass plate and lay it on a table (so the plate cools


Step 19: You will hear some “cracks”, which is totally normal, it means the objects are detaching

themselves from the plate. After 5 min, scrape the objects of the plate with a spatula.

Step 20: You can start over again! Or turn of the printer, by flipping the button in the back off.

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