What I learned during my two-week internship at Tridea

//What I learned during my two-week internship at Tridea

What I learned during my two-week internship at Tridea

My name is Lisa Slisli and I have been in Tridea for two weeks. The goal was for me to learn about the 3D printing world, the circular economic model and to work out some ideas and research with them. I started as someone that had no clue about 3D printing, and step by step learned and integrated into the 3D printing world. I knew that it existed but had no idea how to work with it and for what it was used.

The first day, when my internship started, I got to know the 3D printing world. As I had no idea about 3D printing or the machines used to print, I got a step by step explanation. They explained me about the filaments, the printer and what they do with this. ( more information about how to use a 3D printer can be found on the blog “ How to print with the One Filament on an Ultimaker”). 

That day I did not only got to know what the 3D printing world is but also about the vision and mission of Tridea. We could say that it is just another company with 3D printing functions, but it is more than that! Their vision is that there is no such thing as waste.  They wanted to get something useful out of the trash of people. So, Tridea created the first 100% recycled PET filaments out of PET waste gathered from festivals, schools and businesses through their partners at MCA recycling. 

As I am a student of BBM (Bachelor Business Management in Marketing) I was mostly in charge of the social media accounts and websites. As Tridea is only running for a couple of years, and did not have much time or knowledge about social media accounts, I made sure that this changed. I tried to get their followers up by a 100 people on Instagram and get along with snapchat. We post a daily Instagram picture to show people what goes on in the offices of Tridea, which shows you guys what beautiful printing objects we make for companies.

Now it was not all and only social media. There was also a bit of work for Tridea’s own website. We looked at their website and made sure the content was adapted to people such as me, to understand something of the mission and vision without knowing the 3D printing worlds specific vocabulary. Besides the layout of their website we also launched a blog, where I already posted 2 articles.

The company also provided a field trip to Kortrijk where we had the possibility to be part of the Prototyping contest 2017. As students we do not always have the opportunity to access all these contests or be part of a company and learn more about the different worlds within 3D printing. It was certainly a great field trip.

Then the brainstorming sessions came along. As we want to launch a new campaign, we had to brainstorm about several topics. Where to launch the campaign, who to target, how to manage and more. We did this brainstorm sessions together with some beers and a good vibe in the team to make it fun and different from all the normal around the table brainstorm sessions. A lot of good ideas came out and so we had to move on to the next part.

Basically after the brainstorm sessions, we had to start building the marketing plan and find potential persons to contact, work with, promote us etc. So the second week was quit a busy week.


I personally enjoyed my internship a lot. Most of the time when an intern enters a company, the little jobs that no one wants to do get delivered to the intern. Tridea was different. I was able to be part of their team, integrated fast and had a daily fun at work. They gave me the responsibility to manage and take care of their social media accounts, shoot my ideas during brainstorms and make sure the printers worked fine. Even my work schedule was very flexible. A lot of inside jokes and tea time were also present. I certainly cannot complain and recommend this company to potential interns interested in discovering a new world of printing.

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