///The One Filament (Green)

The One Filament (Green)


The One Filament is created from a premium, 100% recycled PET.

PET is mostly used to produce food and beverage containers, water bottles and fabrics.
Our high quality filament will give you amazing printing results, good layer adhesion, high resolution and is very easy to handle.

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1.75 mm1.75 mm2.85 mm2.85 mm
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The One Filament is:

  • 100% recycled from post-condensed PET pellets.
  • more flexible and higher quality than market equivalent.
  • more temperature resistant than other filaments. 
  • Stronger and more flexible than ABS and PLA
  • Great for the environment 

2.85 mm

Printing temperature: 250-260°C

Bed temperature: 65°C

Retraction speed: 45 mm/s

Retraction length: 8.45 mm


1.75 mm

Printing temperature: 220 – 240°C

Bed temperature: 65 °C

Bowden                                                                Direct         

Retraction speed: 45 mm/s                                    Retraction Speed: 45 mm/s

Retraction Length: 8.45mm                                   Retraction Length:  3.5 mm

Material properties 

Material Type:

Polyethylene terephthalate

Weight on the spool:

± 750gr

Diameter tolerance:

1,75mm: ± 0,05mm / 2,85mm: ± 0,10mm


≥ 95%

Specific gravity:

1,27 g/cc

Mold shrinkage:

0,2 – 0,5%

Tensile strength at yield:

50 MPa

Elongation at break:


Flexural modulus:

2150 MPa

Impact Strength Notched Izod 23°C:

85 J/m

Moisture absorption:


Heat Distortion Temperature:


Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Select Size (mm)

1.75 mm, 2.85 mm

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